Grade 6: Author Meet and Greet with Caroline Pignat (1/28)

Prior to the winter break our class finished our first novel study. We read, discussed, and analyzed the novel Egghead by Caroline Pignat. The grade 6 class has the unique opportunity to meet the author of Egghead. She will be discussing Egghead, other novels she has written, the writing process, along with the challenges authors face.

Caroline Pignat will be joining our class on Tuesday, January 28th, 2020 from 11:45-1:05PM. 

Homework: Students are being asked to come up with at least three questions for Caroline Pignat by this Thursday. Your questions can be about the novel itself, her experience as an author, the writing process, advice, etc.

Check out her website to learn more about her story:

Grade 6: We Learn Better Together (Structure Word Inquiry)

Mrs. Reichstein came to teach our class about structured word inquiry. Students had the opportunity to become investigators and detectives regarding the how and why words are spelled a particular way.

She explained that, “English spelling is a highly ordered, logical system, with explainable rules and patterns”.

We learned about the following terms:

Morphology-sequencing and structure of meaning

Etymology-interrelation of of meaning between words (where the words come from…origin)

Phonology-units of speech (sound) that make meaning

We are looking forward to learning more about these rules and patterns.

Grade 7: Studying=Key to Success (Short Story Test: 1/20)

I was delighted to hear that many students began preparing for the Short Story Unit Test over the weekend. Today we will be discussing study habits and strategies that can be used to prepare for assessments.

Check out these additional resources:

Short Story Kahoot Review

Literary Device Practice

Characterization Practice

Types of Conflict Quiz

Grade 8: Understanding the Research Process

Last week students received information about their argumentative research project. The level of excitement was palpable, as students began brainstorming possible topics. Students will partake in the brainstorming, researching, analyzing, and synthesizing of information from a variety of primary and secondary sources. The purpose of this assignment is to allow the grade 8 students to dive deeper into the research process while learning about a topic of interest. This will also give students the opportunity to practice developing their own clear and concise thesis statements.

This research project was intentionally chunked (over a two month time frame) in an effort to be mindful of the upcoming exam period. Each student has a copy of the dates listed below (which can also be found in the Grade 8 Google Calendar).

Today students will be working on choosing a topic and beginning their research notes (separated by sources).

Check out this great graphic organizer that was created by Mr. Kom to organize research notes:

Project Timeline:

Research Project Overview (Process Packet):

Research Writing Rubric (Final Copy):

Sample MLA Works Cited:

Sample MLA Cover Paper:

Grade 7: It’s Time to Show What You Know (Short Story Unit Test: 1/20)

Today students will be receiving a study package that can be used to prepare for their short story unit test. The test will take place on Monday, January 20th, 2020. By spending a significant amount of time studying for this test students will also be practicing essential components for their English Exam.

The short story unit test will include: multiple choice questions, a definition matching section, short answer questions, along with a short passage analysis.

Check out this jeopardy review game:

Grade 7: Short Story Unit Wrap Up

This week our class will finish our short story unit. Today we read and discussed Names/Nombres by Julia Alvarez. Tomorrow students will spend time answering comprehension questions. We will then begin to prepare for our Short Story Unit Test. By the end of the week, students will receive a review sheet for the test.

Upcoming: Short Story Unit Test-Monday, January 20th, 2020

Grade 6: Wild Winter Break Writing Activity

We will begin this week by discussing the importance of descriptive writing.

Check out this Google Slides Presentation to help you get started:

Wild Winter Break Writing Activity

Your mission is to write about your favourite activity/experience that took place during winter break using descriptive language. 

      • Try to incorporate all five senses into your writing
      • Minimum one paragraph
      • After you have written your paragraph → Use your editing checklist
        • Reminder that editing checklists can be found in the blue container next to the homework board)
      • These will be blogged on your student upon completion

Grade 6: Egghead+ Vocabulary Reminder

Reminder: Student vocabulary homework packets will be checked and reviewed tomorrow in class. The first vocabulary test will be on Wednesday!

Additionally, we are missing many copies of our class novel Egghead. Please search your houses and bring back any copies of the book you may have at home! We will be finishing the novel this week and students will be working on a  final writing assignment that is connected to the novel.

Grade 7: The Landlady

As we continue to analyze the various components of a short story, students spent time reading The Landlady in class this week.

Students will re-read the text in order to complete the required reading comprehension/analysis questions. Additionally, students are being asked to investigate this text and search for the following literary elements: similes, metaphors, personification, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, oxymoron, irony, and foreshadowing.