Read Theory

This year we will again be utilizing the ReadyTheory Program in Language Arts!

ReadTheory is a K-12 online reading comprehension program that assesses reading ability and builds reading comprehension by providing texts for students to read at a “just right” level. Over 1,000 informational and narrative passages are leveled by grade and Lexile level. ReadTheory’s algorithm senses student performance and is able to adapt to fit reading needs. As students read and answer quiz questions, ReadTheory presents passages (either more complex or less) that aim to find and establish the right level for each student. It’s web-based and usable on both desktop and mobile devices, so students can access their accounts wherever they are.

ReadTheory assignments will be given as homework assignments and will be monitored and assessed frequently.


Login in/Sharing Set Up:

  1. Students navigate to in their internet browser on any device (computer, tablet, mobile).
  2. Students sign up.
  3. Students log in.
  4. Students go to the the “My Teachers” page.
    1. Students enter YOUR NAME AND THEN MY EMAIL address 
  5. Students click the “Send Invitation” button.

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