Grade 7: Literature Circles Have Begun!

We are reading various mystery themed novels for our Grade 7 literature circles. Students are expected to be reading each night to ensure that they have completed their predetermined page numbers/chapters by Friday of each week. On Fridays, groups will be discussing their reading and participating in various reading strategy skill building activities.

Please see the Google Docs for each group below to access the link to the audiobook, weekly reading breakdown, along with access to the One-Pager Final Project.

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker Group Google Doc

The Westing Game Group Google Doc

And Then There Were None Group Google Doc


Note: The One-Pager Final Project is due on Wednesday, June 12th. You will need to work on this project at home over the course of the next three weeks to ensure that you have adequate time to complete the assignment. 

One-Pager Final Project Instructions

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