Grade 8: Let’s Debate Vaping (Debate will take place next Thursday 9/26)

The Grade 8 students each were asked to submit five topics that they would be interested in debating. Today we narrowed down the choices and voted on our topic.

Topic: Vaping should be illegal

Group 1: Aidan, Talia, Kiera, Jayson (Pro-debating for vaping to be illegal) 

Group 2: Max, Jessie, Zoe, Ari, Lior (Con-debating for vaping to remain legal)

Teams will divide up the debate responsibilities amongst their peers. One member of each team will be responsible for the following roles:

Opening statement

Presenting the argument


Crossfire questions

Closing Statement

As explained the in the document below, students will earn a group grade for the debate as well as an individual mark. Please re-read the rubric as you begin to prepare for the debate. Each student is responsible for conducting research, analyzing and finding credible sources (expert testimonies, statistics, etc.) citing their sources, preparing at least three main points, and developing questions prior to the debate. We will review the essential elements and skills necessary to create a strong debate in class.

This unit will also prepare students for their debate in Dr. Marcovitz’s Jewish Studies class. In Jewish Studies, the debate will focus on appropriate attire and modesty.

Debate strategies and information can found in the Google Slides presentation below:

Grade 8 Debate Prep

Please note that the students will need to work diligently in-class and at home to adequately prepare for their debate!

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