Grade 8: Post Debate Reflection

Last Friday, the Grade 8 students participated in their class debate on vaping. The students worked hard to create their: opening statements, arguments, rebuttals, crossfire examination questions, and closing statements.

Each student is being asked to complete a post-debate reflection. The purpose of this reflection is to think about ways we can improve in the future. This also provides students with a way to independently and privately express their opinions and ideas regarding the debate process. This year we will be creating opportunities to increase and develop the metacognitive abilities of each student. By “thinking about thinking”, students will begin to self-identify areas of their own growth.

Feel free to write/type your responses to the questions in the following document:

Debate Reflection

Here are a few pictures from the debate! (No debate would be complete without a little bit of apples and honey for Rosh Hashanah)

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