Grades 6-8: Independent Reading Project (Delayed Presentations)

At this point everyone should have completed and submitted/shared their Part B (Creative Component/Presentation) of the Independent Reading Project. Unfortunately the presentation portion of this assignment is going to be delayed. As I deal with the lingering effects of the car accident, students will have ample time to practice and perfect their presentations.

Please practice your presentations with your family and peers! Take time to re-read the rubrics below. 

Please be sure to create a presentation plan if you presenting a video, newspaper, scene, playlist, or song. Students should not be coming up and just hitting play on a particular item.  You want to provide the audience with a background knowledge about your book. Please include: title, author, main characters, basic plot (without giving the story away).

Tips for success:

  • Do not read directly from the slides (use your slides as a guide)
  • Practice your presentation at least five times to improve eye contact
  • Use gestures/emphasize words to highlight important facts during your presentations
  • Make sure any typed text is big enough for the audience to read (limit full paragraphs on slides)
  • Explain any pictures/visuals you used during your presentation

Please email me if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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