Grades 6-8: Vocabulary and E-Learning Update

Good morning middle school students! As many of you know, we are moving to a new learning platform via the internet. We will continue to develop our reading, writing, oral communication, and media literacy skills.

The vocabulary homework practice packet that is due tomorrow can be submitted digitally. I will ask you to take pictures of your completed pages and email them to me (in one email). You will still receive points for completing this assignment. 

As for the vocabulary test, at this point I am unsure how and when we will proceed with these assessments. I am researching different ways to administer tests online. I will update you when I have come to a viable conclusion. For now, we will be putting a pause on the vocabulary tests.

I look forward to meeting with you next week in a digital context. Please keep an open and positive mindset as you begin a new learning adventure.

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