Grade 6: Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project (Due: Friday, May 1st, 2020)

Objective: Learning from a distance is great, but reading is exhilarating! The goal of this project is to foster and nurture a passion for reading. You will read a book you’ve never read before, and then create an artifact that connects to that book to show what you’ve learned and understood from the book you read.

Students will be required to spend at least 30 minutes a day reading. 

Choosing a book: Students will have the opportunity to choose their own book for this assignment. Please note that the book you pick should be a book that you have never read before, and that is appropriate for your reading level. Additionally, you want to make sure that you will be able to complete the book by the assigned deadline. 

If you do not have a book at home, you can read an e-book for this assignment (e-books are available to borrow from the Ottawa Public Library). Additionally, students can access audiobooks for additional support while reading. However, I ask that any student who chooses to use an audiobook also follows along with the text while reading. 


Date Task Notes
Monday, March 23 Project is  assigned  Your book must be read by April 20th

You are expected to be working on your artifact as you read your book

Taking notes in the planner document will be essential while reading 

Friday. April 3 Check-in #1 You will meet with Mr. Washerstein to share your reading progress and artifact planning.
Friday. April 20 Check-in #2 You should be finished reading your book for this check-in.

You will meet with Mr. Washerstein to discuss your artifact and receive feedback and suggestions.

Friday, May 1 Final Project Due Your artifact and reflection will be posted to your student blog

As you read your book, you will:

  • Create personal and real-world connections
  • Analyze the following literary components:
    • Theme
    • Plot development
    • Conflict
    • Literary devices
      • Simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole

Click here to access all of the important information: 

Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project Google Slideshow

Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project Instructions and Rubric

Exhilarating Reading Adventure Planner

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