Grade 6: Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project (Due: 5/1) Update

Yesterday we finished our second set of check-ins. Everyone in the class has finished reading their novels! The next step in the process is creating your artifact. Remember that the presentation of this project will be via blog post. If you created an artifact by hand you will be responsible for posting pictures of the artifact on your blog. Be sure you include all of the necessary pieces of the blog post.

Artifact/Blog Post Due: Friday, May 1st, 2020


1. Create your artifact

2. Edit written work

3. Look over the rubric and use it to grade your artifact

    • How can you improve your artifact to get a better grade?
    • Grade yourself and make changes to your project

4. Write a blog post to display your artifact and be sure to include the following

  A. Explain why you chose your specific artifact type to connect to your book

  B. Explain why you chose the elements from your book that you included in your artifact

  C. Reflect upon what you would change if you were going through this process again

      • How could you prepare differently?
      • What did you learn?


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