Grades 6-8: Public Speaking Update

The end is near! At this point, students should have their rough draft complete. The majority of students have received feedback on their third body paragraph and conclusion this week. The remaining students will be receiving their feedback tonight.

Tomorrow we will decide the order of our public speaking class presentations. Please note that in-class presentations will begin on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020. If a student is not prepared to go on the date of their presentation they will be docked 10 points. 

Please click the link below to access tips, suggestions, and the public speaking rubric:

Washerstein Public Speaking Google Slides Presentation


Public Speaking FAQ’s:

    1. When are the finals?

The Public Speaking Finals will be held on Friday, June 12, 2020.

The Grade 4 & 5 Public Speaking Finals will be held from 9:00-10:30AM

The Middle School Public Speaking Finals will be held from 11:30 AM-1:00PM

2. Do I need to sit or stand for the presentation of my speech?

The choice is yours! Students will have the opportunity to either sit or stand. Remember that you want your audience to see any meaningful gestures you incorporate into your speech.

3. How long does my speech need to be?

The speech should fall within the 4-5 minute time frame. There is a 10 second barrier (both over and under) before any points are deducted. Once you have surpassed that barrier, students will lose one mark for every 10 seconds they are short/over.

4. Do I need to make cue cards?

The choice is yours! Students will be able to use cue cards if that method suits them in their presentation style. You could also memorize your speech entirely (for those that are able to). Lastly, since we are presenting in a digital context this year, students can also have their speeches up on their computer. It is important to note that we must be able to see your face/body throughout the entirety of your speech. Remember that eye contact is key!

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