Grade 6: Introduction to Egghead

Today students were asked to complete a Bullying Awareness Survey. This anonymous survey provided students with a series of questions relating to their own personal experiences with bullying. We will analyze this data as a class in preparation for our first novel study. Tomorrow our class will discuss the results of this survey and create connections to our North Stars and Seven Habits.

Each student was given a copy of the novel Egghead by Caroline Pignat. Tomorrow we will have the opportunity to begin the novel in class. Throughout this novel study, students will be asked to read both in class and at home. There will be corresponding activities for each chapter throughout the novel.

Grade 6 Unit 1: Egghead Google Slides

Please respond to the following task below via a comment to this post:

Students are asked to comment a prediction about the novel Egghead based solely off of the front cover of the book. Support your prediction by referencing specific details from the cover. (Think about the following question: Why could making predictions be an important reading skill?)

Comment due by: Thursday (9/23)

11 thoughts on “Grade 6: Introduction to Egghead

  1. Based off of the front cover of the book I think that it’s about a boy that gets bullied for getting distracted easily. I think this because there is a boy on the cover and I know that this is book is about bullying.

  2. I know it means that its about bullying but I think that the guy that gets bullied gets bullied in school and he is very shy and is scared that he gets bullied so that’s why its called egghead because he is fragile.

  3. I think it about bullining because thats what you sed but the cover has a egg with a face on it and the top part is broken so it looks like something just left him like that

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