Grade 6: Egghead Culminating Activity

Students will be spending the next week and half working on the final activity for the Egghead novel study. Students will use the choice board to select a corresponding activity. Each student will create an artifact of learning that relates to the novel. Instead of presenting your artifact of learning in class, students will be posting their artifacts on their blogfolio. We will spend time in class reviewing peer posts and creating meaningful comments.  

Students will be given a significant amount of time to complete this assignment in class. Please use your class time wisely. 

Egghead Culminating Activity Choice Board

Click the link below to access the graphic organizer:

Egghead Culminating Activity Graphic Organizer

Due Dates: 

  • Assigned– Tuesday 11/3
  • Check-In #1– Friday 11/6 
  • Peer Feedback Draft 1- Wednesday 11/11
  • Final Submission- Posted on your blogfolio by Monday 11/16

Temporary Stop Sign (R1-1) - In-street Crosswalk Signs | TAPCO  Before you post….

  • Have you edited your artifact of learning?
  • Have you reviewed the rubric to ensure that you have fulfilled all of the requirements
      • Make a copy of the rubric and grade yourself (share it with Mr. Washerstein)
  • Does this project reflect your best effort?

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