Grades 6-8: Holiday Letters for Canadian Armed Forces

As we prepare for a day of distance learning tomorrow, students will engage in a meaningful letter writing exercise. Students are being tasked with creating holiday letters for soldiers that are deployed overseas. Our goal is to show our appreciation and spread holiday joy. This activity will be explained in person today, but students will work on this at home during class time tomorrow.

This activity embodies our Jewish values (gemilut hasadim) and our North Stars (each person is responsible for the other).

Each letter will include the following information:

  • A brief introduction about yourself (name, age, school)
  • Some hobbies, activities, and interests that you enjoy (sports, clubs, instruments, volunteering, etc.)
  • Expressions of gratitude
    • Thank them for their service
    • Wish them a happy holiday
    • Offer words of appreciation

Your letter should be at least two paragraphs 

Each letter should also include visuals (these could be hand-drawn or computer-generated)

CAF Letter Template

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