Grades 6-8: The OJCS Reading Challenge Returns!

Reading Challenges for 2014

Each middle school class will compete in the 2020-2021 OJCS Reading Challenge. The reading challenge runs from December 8th, 2020 to May 3rd, 2021. Students will choose books that are interesting, grade-level appropriate, and fall within their ZPD. If students need help choosing a “just right” book…just ask Mr. Wash. Audiobooks, graphic novels, and books in other languages will also count for this challenge (please ensure the review is written in English). 

Each class will set a reading goal…which they are encouraged to exceed!

    • If the class reaches their goal → they will earn a movie party with popcorn and snacks 
    • The middle school class that reads the most amount of books will also earn a sports day

How will we know who wins?

After students have completed a novel, they will need to write a review in their reading challenge document. Please follow the format that is provided in the Google Doc below. A book will only count towards our class total after the review has been written!

Must read and create at least three book reviews by Monday, March 2nd, 2021

Click the link below to make a personalized copy of the book review reading challenge log:

Book Review Reading Challenge Log

    1. After you make a copy, please rename the document.

Ex: Michael’s Reading Log

2. Save the document to the Google Drive Folder that was shared with you yesterday

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