Grade 6: 90-Second Pitch Assignment (Due: Monday 2/22)

We are happy to be back in school today! We have spent the last two weeks discussing presentation skills. Our classes have focused on analyzing the essential components for a successful presentation.

How should I prepare for a presentation?

      • Organize your presentation logically
      • Practice every day the week before (if possible)
        • Don’t procrastinate
      • Know your audience
        • Adjust your presentation to meet the needs of your audience
      • Be positive 
      • Record yourself while you are practicing
        • Re-watch the presentation
        • Focus on your eye contact, tone, pace, gestures
      • Ask for peer/parental feedback

Task: Choose your favourite book and persuade others to purchase your book by creating a 90-second sales pitch. You will create a visual aid to accompany your pitch. In addition, students will incorporate at least three persuasive techniques. 


To Do Due Date:
Brainstorm ideas

Write my pitch

Highlight your three persuasive techniques in blue

Create visual aid 2/15
Practice and present 2/22 presentations begin

Click the links below to access the assignment instructions, rubrics, and notes:

90-Second Book Pitch Assignment Instructions

Presentation Skills/Persuasive Techniques Google Slideshow

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