Grade 8: Passion Project Presentation

The Grade 8 students will be working on sharing their current progress for their Passion Project. It is not the expectation that their project will be finished. This presentation will provide students with an opportunity to share a snapshot of their progress. In English, we will spend time focusing on improving our presentation skills. Students will be provided with periods to work on this presentation in class. However, students will need to practice at home as well.

Presentations will begin on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021.

The Passion Project (@BeThePassion) | Twitter

Click the link below to view the Presentation Skills Slideshow:

Presentation Skills Slideshow

Click the link below to view the Passion Project Template:

Passion Project Template

Click the link below to view the presentation rubric:

Passion Project Presentation Rubric

Tip: Video recording your practice sessions and grading yourself using this rubric is a fantastic way to prepare!

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