Grade 6: Introduction to “Egghead” Novel Study

Today students were asked to complete a Bullying Awareness Survey. This anonymous survey provided students with a series of questions relating to their own personal experiences with bullying. We will analyze this data as a class in preparation for our first novel study. Tomorrow our class will discuss the results of this survey and create connections to our North Stars and Seven Habits.

Each student was given a copy of the novel Egghead by Caroline Pignat. Tomorrow we will have the opportunity to begin the novel in class. Throughout this novel study, students will be asked to read both in class and at home. There will be corresponding activities for each chapter throughout the novel.

Grade 6 Unit 1: Egghead Google Slides

Please respond to the following task below via a comment to this post:

Egghead by Caroline Pignat

Students are asked to comment a prediction about the novel Egghead based solely off of the front cover of the book. Support your prediction by referencing specific details from the cover. (Think about the following question: Why could making predictions be an important reading skill?)

Comment due by: Wednesday  (10/4)

24 thoughts on “Grade 6: Introduction to “Egghead” Novel Study

  1. I think EGGHEAD could be about someone who feels broken inside and he doesn’t know what to do.
    I thinks he is broken inside because there is egg on the cover that is broken like his feelings.


  2. I think this book is about a kid who is bullied about the shape of his head. I think this because there is a picture of an egg with the kids face on it.
    Shadow (MI)

  3. I think this book is about a guy being bullied and hes being called egghead. I think this because on the front cover he looks sad, his head is cracked like an egg.
    – Jack

  4. Hi Mr. Wash
    I think that egghead will be different than every one else he will fell left out and he might not be very smart.
    He looks in the photo like he is unhappy and he has two parts of his head and there is no brain inside

  5. Hi it’s Maya,

    Egghead seem like a really rude nickname, so I assume the bully would often call him that.
    I think the main character is a boy, because there is a boy’s face on the egg.
    The word ”EGGHEAD” looks like its spelled with large pixels, so I think cyber bullying is included.

    I hope most of my assumptions are correct!

  6. i think egghead is about a boy who gets bullied a lot so much so that heart hurts so much it cracked in half.
    i wrote my prediction because on the front cover the picture is a egg with a face annd the egg being cracked.


  7. I think that it is about a boy who might have a weird-shaped head who gets bullied a lot and called names like egghead. I think his head is shaped weirdly because he probably gets bullied by people calling him egg head. I think he gets bullied because that’s what we have been learning. – Sacha

  8. I think it will be about a person with a round head because it is called Egghead.
    I think he is broken because there is a broken egg on the front cover

  9. it looks like half of his head has no hair on it. maybe in this book people will make fun of him because he has no hair on half of his head. if you look at his face you can see he’s sad that can be because maybe he does weird things or he has autism. hes probably really sad about this and can hurt other people because it look like the egg is broken so maybe hes hurting people in this novel because he is angry of people hurting him.

  10. I think he is going to get bullied because he’s an egg head and think its because the book is called egg head and also we just did a survey on bullying and and our teacher kept relating to the book.

  11. I think the book egg head is about a boy who is getting bullied and is very sad about it. I can tell it’s a sadder type of novel because the cover looks like he is pretty sad.

  12. Noah: My prediction based on the front cover of the novel Egghead is l that it is a story about a young boy who seems to be hurt by something.

    I think this because the picture on the front cover is a picture of an egg that is cracked.

    Making predictions is an important reading skill because l by making predictions about a book you will know what books you would want to read.

  13. I think the book egghead is about a boy who is getting bullied at school, because on the cover the egg is cracked, so i think that symbolizes sadness from being bullied.

  14. I think the novel Egghead is about a boy that is being bullied. From the cover i also see that because the top of the “egg” is cracked off maybe it means he is broken because he is sad or being bullied so much. Maybe he is also being bullied because his head is the shape of an egg.


  15. I think egghead will be about a boy who has a egg shaped head and gets bullied by it.
    Because on the cover theres an egg with a face on it.


  16. Egghead clearly is about A kid who continuously gets bullied because he is an easy target. On the cover it is a kid who is in an egg but his heart is broken just like the egg. He is Sad because he is not happy that he is called named and obsessed with stuff other kids don’t enjoy.

  17. Joel’s Prediction:

    My guess is that the main character was bullied in school because his head looked like an egg. Later on, he was respected by some people and the people who made fun of him apologized.

  18. I think it’s about a kid that’s bald and he gets made fun of. People call him names like egg head. Then I think he will make a very nice friend to hang out with.


  19. My prediction about the book EGGHEAD is that the kid gets bullied for having a head shaped like an egg. And in the cover, the egg was broken because that’s probably how the person feels stressed, scared, sad, etc.

  20. I feel like this book is about a kid who gets bullied and is broken. Like a egg and when it cracks you can’t fix it because all the pieces went everywhere.


  21. I think the cover of “egghead” represents someone getting bullied and getting called an “egghead”. i think that because the word “egghead” can be used to make someone feel bad about themselves

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