Grade 6: Creative Writing Response (Due: Monday 3/28)

Students will have the opportunity to get their creative writing juices flowing. We will spend a few periods working on a creative writing activity. For the next few periods, we will not be worrying about a minimum number of words/paragraphs. Simply sit back, relax, and have some fun while writing. This activity will lead us into our next unit which will focus on refining our paragraph writing skills.


  • Should be at least three paragraphs long
    • Use the P.E.E. Method
      • Each paragraph needs a topic sentence (point)
      • Supporting details/evidence
      • Explanation of that evidence
  • Edit your response (ensuring that proper nouns are capitalized)

Choose one of the following creative writing prompts to respond to:



One thought on “Grade 6: Creative Writing Response (Due: Monday 3/28)

  1. Mr. Washerstein,

    I think you will be amazed at the stories your Grade 6 students will write. I remember how much they loved creative writing in Grade 3 & 4. 🙂 I hope the students post the stories on their blogs so I can read them too!

    Mrs. Bennett

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