Grade 8 Language Arts

Grade 8 English students are currently preparing their public speaking speeches. Topics are hot, fun, controversial, thought-provoking, and so much more. Students are encouraged to add their flair and finesse this year. We are moving away from the more formal approach and introducing ways to captivate and engage our audiences – gestures, body language, props, appropriate dress, and even a little acting are all welcome.

They are also working on finishing reading Steinbeck’s To Kill a Mockingbird and are currently in the thick of the trial. Although uncertain where the story was going to go in Part 1, the students have shown keen interest in the courtroom as they closely follow the actions of Atticus. Once the novel is complete (this week), students will be recreating the courtroom scene and will be able to audition for the various roles. Those who are uncomfortable acting will be able to serve as jury members who will determine whether Tom Robinson is guilty.
Towards the end of May, the class will read Romeo and Juliet. This group has never read Shakespeare. An introduction to Shakespeare’s writing is essential before entering High School.

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