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Grades 6-8: Public Speaking 2021

This post contains all of the essential information for public speaking

Welcome to this year’s public speaking contest for grades 6-8.  Expressing ideas aloud in a clear and effective way is an important life skill! Students will have the opportunity to plan, develop, and deliver a speech to showcase these skills. Students will be spending the upcoming weeks working towards preparing a 4-5 minute speech. Additionally, we will be spending time in class practicing various oral communication skills (eye contact, inflection, effective use of gestures, etc.)

Important Due Dates

Choose topic + fill out topic brainstorming sheet (email your teacher with your choice by the end of the day) 4/20
Speech planner/Graphic Organizer 4/30

    • If students complete paragraphs early they can always move ahead and work on the next step in the process.
Body Paragraph 1 5/11
Body Paragraph 2 5/14
Body Paragraph 3 5/19
Conclusion 5/21
Class Presentations 5/25-5/27
Self-assessment and reflection 6/3
Public Speaking Finals Grades 6-8 6/8

Click the links below to access important public speaking documents: 

Public Speaking Google Slideshow Presentation

      • This contains the public speaking writing process, tips, and requirements

2021 Public Speaking Due Dates Checklist

2021 Public Speaking Speech Planner Graphic Organizer

2021 Public Speaking Rubric

2021 Public Speaking Self-Reflection


Beneficial Resources:

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Grades 6-8: Public Speaking Intro

Today we will discuss public speaking! We will review the different types of speeches (informative, entertaining, and persuasive). Students will receive more information about public speaking (due dates, check-in dates, etc.) at the beginning of next week.

Click the links below to access our first public speaking sources:

Intro to Public Speaking Slideshow

PS Topic Brainstorming Graphic Organizer

Task: Students will complete their Brainstorming Graphic Organizer by 4/20 

The students must brainstorm 2-5 topics and decide the purpose of their speech for each topic. 

Grade 7: The Outsiders Culminating Activity (Due: Monday 5/3)

As we begin to wrap up our novel study, students will be asked to choose one of the following options to complete as a culminating activity.

Artifact Options (Choose ONE):

      • Essay
      • Letter of Recommendation
      • Facebook Profile
      • Film Comparison


  • Students will put thought, time, and effort into their project
  • Students will demonstrate creativity and attention to detail
  • Students will create relevant connections throughout the project
  • Students will read the assignment description/rubric to ensure all elements are included

Click this link to view the artifact descriptions, requirements, and rubric:

The Outsiders Culminating Activity Google Doc


  • Assigned: Monday, April 5th
  • Check-In #1- Monday, April 19th 
  • Check-In #2-Monday, April 26th
  • Due: Monday, May 3rd



Grade 7: The Outsiders Update

The students have been reading, analyzing, and discussing The Outsiders over the last month. As we prepare for the Pesach Break, many students have asked for an updated list of due dates.

Here are the due dates for the remaining reading comprehension questions:

Ch. 7 Questions- Wednesday (4/7)

Ch. 8 Questions- Tuesday (4/13)

Ch. 9 Questions- Friday (4/16)

Ch. 10 Questions- Wednesday (4/21)

Ch.11 Questions-Wednesday (4/21)

Ch. 12 Questions-Monday (4/26)


The character web assignment will be due on Friday (4/30).

Grade 7: The Outsiders Guided Reading Activities

As we often discuss at OJCS, one of our North Stars is “Begin with the end in mind”. Last week we began our novel study of The Outsiders. As we discussed, students will be responsible for completing comprehension questions along with a variety of other activities.

Today students will finish reading Ch. 2 independently. We will continue to discuss the chapters in class, but students will also have the opportunity to work on the corresponding tasks. Whenever the students are assigned comprehension questions to answer, there will a corresponding due date on the Grade 7 Homework Board.

The following documents will be important for our novel study:

    1. The Outsiders Reading Comprehension Questions

Each student should make a copy of this document and share it with Mr. Washerstein. This will be the document in which students answer all of their comprehension questions. As I mentioned before, the corresponding questions for each chapter will have a due date on the homework board.


2. Reading Response Activities: Illustrated Timeline and Character Webs

This document contains two essential activities for our novel study. Each of the described activities can be found in the Google Doc listed above. Please make a copy of this document and share it with Mr. Washerstein.

               A. Illustrated Timeline

            • Directions: Illustrate in chronological order four important events that take place in chapters 1-4. Please illustrate an important event from each of the first four chapters. 

              B.  Character Webs

            • Directions: Using the webs provided below, insert an adjective that can be used to describe the various characters. Support each adjective with a direct quote from the novel.
            • This needs to be completed by the end of the book. You should go back through the first two chapters and start to fill this diagram out. However, you need to continue to add to this document as you read



Grades 6-8: Guest Speaker on Monday!

We have an incredible guest speaker, Jesse Miller of Mediated Reality, “coming” to speak to our Middle School cohort on MondayMarch 1st. In this session, he will discuss social media awareness, internet safety, and mental health.


Grades 6 – 8: 11:45 – 1:00 – Google Meet

Parents: Parent Registration Link

Even before COVID-19, we’ve been living in a world where social media plays a large role in the way we communicate – for our children too! With lockdowns, school closures, and the need to physically distance, many of us have increased the amount of time we spend online, as a family, and as individuals. With this has also come concerns around the amount of screen time for our children, and how to best support them as they navigate an increasingly online world. Jesse Miller of Mediated Reality, is a national social media awareness expert, and he will be holding a parent information evening on Monday, March 1st at 7:30 pm to address parental fears and minimize stress around screen time, discuss perceptions around technology addiction, and answer all your questions.

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Grade 7: The Outsiders Novel Study

Today we began reading S.E. Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders. The novel will be read both in class and at home throughout the duration of our novel study. Additionally, there will be various corresponding assignments to complete.

Here is an audiobook: The Outsiders Audiobook

Here is a digital copy of the book: The Outsiders PDF

Click the link below to access our slideshow for the novel study:

The Outsiders Slideshow

Our first novel study assignment is due on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021. 

Click the link below to access the chapter one response questions:

The Outsiders Ch. 1 Response Questions


Grades 7-8: Extra Grammar Review Activities

Good morning! Many students have asked for different online resources to help prepare for their upcoming grammar and editing assessment. Here are a few tools that can be beneficial. Remember that the most beneficial way to study for this assessment are to review the notes, make cue cards, and complete the review packet. 

Parts of Speech Kahoot

Parts of Speech Kahoot 2

English Club Quiz

Parts of Speech Games

Parts of Speech Quiz

Paragraph Surgery Game

Paragraph Correction

Comma Practice

Extra Comma Practice


For Grade 8 only:

Comma, Colons, Semicolon Practice

Semicolon and Colon Practice

Quotation Practice

Extra Quotation Practice

Grade 7: Grammar/Editing Assessment (Thursday 2/11)

We are happy to be back in school today! During distance learning, we started preparing for the grammar portion of our exam. Although we will no longer be taking an English exam in February, we will still be completing a grammar/editing assessment. This assessment will be completed on Thursday, February 11th, 2021. It has been suggested that students should be reviewing rules and creating notecards each night in order to prepare for this assessment. 

This assessment will focus on the following concepts:

  • Sentence/fragments
  • Nouns (common vs. proper)
  • Possessive vs. plural nouns
  • Pronouns
  • Antecedents
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Verbs
  • Verb tense agreement
  • Paragraph editing

Our notes on these various subjects can be found in this presentation:

Grammar/Editing Assessment Review

Focus your attention on slides 11-27. We will also be completing additional online No Red Ink grammar practice exercises throughout the week. 

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