Reading Challenge

This year you will be creating your own reading challenge. You will be required to read AT LEAST 3 books independently throughout the year. The books you choose to read will be entirely up to you, but your teacher is obviously here to help, if you need.

You will begin by creating your own Reading Challenge grid. Using this list, choose 6 genres of books you think you’d like to try reading this year. Fill those 6 into your Reading Challenge board. If there is a genre you’d like to try that is not listed, feel free to add it!

For example, your Reading Challenge grid may look like this:

Each week, you will be introduce you to new books. If there is one that peaks your interest, you can add it to your “Bookbag” on our school library site. You will need to login to do this. If you forget your login information, you can email your teacher or Ms. Brigitte.

Once you are done reading your book, you will be responsible for completing a Reading Response. Therfore, you will complete 3 reading responses for the entire year, one per term. Once you’ve chosen your prompt from the choice board,  you can make a copy of this response page and share it with your teacher when you are done.

Here is a sample Reading Response.

Miss Brigitte created this excellent lesson on in-text citations and how to cite your work properly using MLA formatting. The video on creating these directly within Google Docs is particularly helpful.

The due dates for these are as follows:

Term 1 – November 1, 2021

Term 2 – February 17, 2022

Term 3 – May 24, 2022

There will be some review of concepts in class, but the majority of this work must be done at home, on your own time. We will spend time planning and making reading schedules together, using this planning sheet, and will have multiple check-ins to ensure you are on track to complete these tasks in a timely manner.