Grade 6: Literary Device Practice

This week we will be learning about and practicing various literary devices. Yesterday we focused on similes and metaphors. Over the course of the next week, we will be analyzing personification, hyperboles, onomatopoeias, and oxymorons. As we learn about each concept, I will be posting corresponding activities and practice exercises in this post.

Grade 6 Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project Notes

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Grade 6: Identifying the Theme of a Text

As we continue to work on our Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project, our class is focusing on diving deeper into various literary elements that appear in novels. Last week we discussed characterization (direct & indirect), mood, and theme.

Today we are going to continue to explore theme identification. We will complete the first example together as a class. Then students will have time to complete the last two examples independently.

Click here to access the assignment: Identifying the Theme Practice

When trying to identify the theme of a story or novel, think about the following:

  • What life lesson/idea is the author trying to teach the reader?
  • How can this lesson/idea from the “small world of the story” be applied to the “real world”?
          • Think about the big picture
  • The theme is not going to be stated directly
          • You will need to make an inference (read between the lines)

Grade 6: Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project

Objective: Learning from a distance is great, but reading is exhilarating! The goal of this project is to foster and nurture a passion for reading. You will read a book you’ve never read before, and then create an artifact that connects to that book to show what you’ve learned and understood from the book you read.

Students will be required to spend at least 30 minutes a day reading. 

Important Dates:

Date Task Notes
January 6th (Thursday) Project is assigned
  • Your book must be read by Friday, February 4th, 2022
  • You are expected to be working on your artifact as you read your book
  • Taking notes in the planner document will be essential while reading 
January 12th (Wednesday) Share title of the novel with Mr. Washerstein
  • Get your book approved by Mr. Wash
  • Simply send him a chat on Google Hangouts
January 24th


Check-in #1 You will meet with Mr. Washerstein to share your reading progress and artifact planning.
February 4th


Check-in #2 You should be finished reading your book for this check-in.

You will meet with Mr. Washerstein to discuss your artifact and receive feedback and suggestions.

February 18th 


Final Project Due Your artifact and reflection will be posted to your student blog

As you read your book, you will:

  • Create personal and real-world connections
  • Analyze the following literary components:
    • Theme
    • Plot development
    • Conflict
    • Literary devices
      • Simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole

Click here to access all of the important information: 

Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project Google Slideshow

Exhilarating Reading Adventure Project Instructions and Rubric

Exhilarating Reading Adventure Planner

Grade 6: Presentation Skills/Persuasive Techniques

Our next unit will revolve around analyzing persuasive techniques and improving our presentation skills. Last week we introduced the concepts of pathos, logos, and ethos.

We will spend time this week analyzing advertising techniques such as avant garde, weasel words, magic ingredients, patriotism, transfer, plain folks, snob appeal, bribery, and bandwagon.

Click the link below to access our presentation:

Presentation Skills

(Please note that this is a live document that will be updated regularly)

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Grade 6: Commenting on Blog Posts

Today we discussed the importance of making quality blog comments. The students spent time commenting on the memoirs of their peers. The Grade 6 students did a fantastic job composing their memoirs. It is great to see the students commenting words of encouragement and offering suggestions.

Click the link below to access the links to their blogfolios:

Middle School Student Blogfolios

Grade 6 Blogfolio Links

Mrs. Thompson created a wonderful infographic about creating quality blog comments:

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Grade 7: Narrative Writing

Over the last number of weeks, the grade 7 students have been preparing to write their final narrative in Language Arts. The process has been a little different this time, as each element of the story arc has been really broken down and developed.

We started by creating story arcs for our narratives (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution). Then, we looked at various short stories as mentor texts to focus in on leads, point of view, setting, figurative language, transitions and endings. Students have even already written their leads and endings, so all that’s left to do is fill in the middle!

We will be spending the next week working on this in class, starting with the rough draft. Students will have 4 class periods (Dec 7, 8, 9 and 13) to finish up their rough draft. We will then spend 2 classes editing and peer-editing (Dec. 14 and 15), culminating with our publishing party on December 16!

These narratives can be anywhere between 2 – 5 pages long, and must include these elements, as outlined on the rubric:

  • A strong lead
  • A problem that builds though multiple examples
  • A clear climax
  • Multiple details that then lead to the resolution
  • A strong ending
  • Dialogue
  • Strong vocabulary
  • Proper spelling, grammar and punctuation

Here is a quick 2 page example of what the narratives can look like.

We will also be using this student checklist to ensure we’re included everything, and will use the list below to check our work before submitting.

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I can’t wait to read the final products!


Grade 6: The Grand Finale

We have finished reading the novel, Egghead. Students will have the opportunity to use the next few class periods to channel their creativity and complete a final task. Students may work individually or with a partner for this task. Upon my return on Monday, we will set a due date for this task together.

What time is it? Time to get CREATIVE! - Success Kid | Meme Generator

Option 1: Create an Egghead Mixtape

Option 2: Continue the story 

Click the link below to learn more about your final task options:

Egghead Final Task

Grade 6 – 8: The Book Fair Approaches! (11/22-11/26)

Are you searching for a new book for Hanukkah? You are in luck! The Scholastic Book Fair at OJCS begins on Monday, November 22nd, 2021. Each class will have the opportunity to visit the book fair two times next week. 

BOOK FAIR - Imgflip

Grade 6A will visit the book fair on Monday (11/22) and Friday (11/26). 

Grade 6B will visit the book fair on Tuesday (11/23) and Friday (11/26). 

Grade 7 will visit the book fair on Wednesday (11/24) and Friday (11/26). 

Grade 8 will visit the book fair on Monday (11/22) and Thursday (11/25). 

Additionally, parents will have the opportunity to purchase books online via our digital book fair link

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Grade 6: Egghead Postcard (Due: Monday 11/21)

As we continue our novel study of Egghead by Caroline Pignat, this week we are focusing on writing from a character’s perspective. Students are being tasked with choosing an event from the novel and creating a postcard. Each postcard will contain an illustration (either digital or hand-drawn) and a writing sample from a character’s perspective. This assignment asks students to “walk in the shoes of another” as they attempt to create a higher-level connection with the thoughts and feelings of the characters.

Click the link below to access the assignment: 

Egghead Postcard Assignment

Click the link below to access the postcard template: 

Egghead Postcard Digital Template

Click the link below to access a student example: 

Egghead Postcard Student Example