Grade 6: Vocabulary 1 Word List/Homework Assignment Due Wednesday

As we discussed in class on Friday we will be starting to incorporate new vocabulary into our classroom! Students have been assigned a list of 15 words to learn over the course of the week. Students are expected to complete their vocabulary homework practice assignments. These exercises are designed to allow students to practice using/recognizing these new words in a variety of activities.

We will have our first Vocabulary Quiz on Monday 10/15. These quizzes will compromise of definitions, matching, fill in the blank, and multiple choice questions. Students should be reviewing their vocabulary terms throughout the week to enhance comprehension. We will review for the first vocabulary quiz in class on Friday.

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Read Theory

This year we will again be utilizing the ReadyTheory Program in Language Arts!

ReadTheory is a K-12 online reading comprehension program that assesses reading ability and builds reading comprehension by providing texts for students to read at a “just right” level. Over 1,000 informational and narrative passages are leveled by grade and Lexile level. ReadTheory’s algorithm senses student performance and is able to adapt to fit reading needs. As students read and answer quiz questions, ReadTheory presents passages (either more complex or less) that aim to find and establish the right level for each student. It’s web-based and usable on both desktop and mobile devices, so students can access their accounts wherever they are.

ReadTheory assignments will be given as homework assignments and will be monitored and assessed frequently.


Login in/Sharing Set Up:

  1. Students navigate to in their internet browser on any device (computer, tablet, mobile).
  2. Students sign up.
  3. Students log in.
  4. Students go to the the “My Teachers” page.
    1. Students enter YOUR NAME AND THEN MY EMAIL address 
  5. Students click the “Send Invitation” button.

Independent Reading Project! (Grades 6, 7, and 8)

Good afternoon students and parents!

Today students have been given the assignment packet for the Independent Reading Project. Many students are excited about the opportunity to read, review, and create a presentation about a book of their choosing! My goal is that students begin to read a minimum of 30 minutes per night. The only requirements regarding novel selection are that: the book has a minimum of 150 pages, the book adequately meets the reading level needs of the student, and that the book has not already been made into a movie.

For those students who need further instruction/accommodations for this assignment please reach out to me! I am more than happy to help modify this assignment to best meet the needs of each of our students at OJCS! Email me at   with any questions, comments, or concerns.

This assignment has been divided into a few key dates:

  • Book must be chosen and approved by Friday October 5th
  • Book must be read completely by Friday October 26th
  • Turn in Part A (Book Report Form) and Part B (Summary) on Monday October 29th
  • Part C (Creative Piece) Due on Wednesday November 7th (Presentations begin that day)
    • Only choose ONE option for Part C

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OJCS Library Catalog (Check it out!)

We are so excited to announce that the OJCS Library catalog is now online! Students and teachers will have access to browse our collection from their classrooms, home, or even on your device as there is an app available for download.

Click the link below to access our library:

Log Ins for students and staff are uniform: first letter of first name, a period, then last name.  Password is books

So for example mine would be:

Username: m.washerstein

Password: books

Here is an example of what a full record in the new system looks like…

Teachers will have the ability to create book lists for their students and students will be able to write book reviews!

Middle School Language Arts Update!

I had a wonderful time chaperoning and bonding with the students on the Middle School Retreat! This experience provided students with an opportunity to start the new year off with a variety of educational/personal development activities.

Citizenship Points

Yesterday I introduced the concept of Citizenship Points into the classroom. These points are to encourage each student to be a “good citizen” in the classroom. Each student will start each trimester with a 50/50 in this category. Students will lose citizenship points for the following: Excessive talking, disrespect to the teacher/peers, excessive lateness, off-task behavior. I will document these points along with any comments for deductions


Reading Comprehension Pre-Test/Reading Buddies

Each class has now taken a reading comprehension pre-test. This week we are reviewing basic skills/tips that can be used to improve reading comprehension.

We are also in the process of kicking off our “Reading Buddy” program. This program is designed to help students model good reading skills. Reading buddies also provides students with an opportunity to mentor younger students and continue to build upon our values. The following grades will be paired together:

  • Grade 1- Grade 6
  • Grade 2- Grade 7
  • Grade 3- Grade 8

Link to Introductory Activities/Reading Comprehension Notes

Welcome Back! (River of Life Assignment Due Friday Grades: 6, 7, and 8)

Good morning OJCS Middle School students and families,

This year is going to be extremely exciting at OJCS! We had a wonderful first day in Language Arts class. Students participated in a non-verbal communication team building challenge (which was won by Grade 7). We also reviewed the rules of the classroom and expectations for the year.

Today students will be participating in an online “Get to Know Mr. Washerstein” Kahoot game. We will also be introducing the first homework assignment of the year which is the River of Life. Students will be provided with a model of this assignment in class today.

Please feel free to reach out via email at   with any questions/concerns.



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