Grade 6 – Terry Fox Comprehension Assignment

Good afternoon 6th Graders!

Here’s today and tomorrow’s low down. On Friday we will be participating in the Terry Fox run as a school. Let’s brush up on what we remember about Terry so we can put all of our heart and soul in Friday’s run. Here are 3 readings about Terry followed by 3 sets of questions. Please be sure to put your slideshow in slideshow mode so you can see the text clearly.

Grade 8 – Terry Fox Social Media Campaign

Morning 8th Graders,

Here is the mission for the next 3 classes. We all know who Terry was and how heroic he was. But his fanfare at the time of his run was not what it should have been. He didn’t have the help of social media which definitely contributed to his lack of “likes”. Imagine Terry was running today, in 2022. Create his social media campaign. Find the instructions here. Read them carefully. Have fun and use your talent. You are presenting next week.

Grade 8 – The Monkey’s Paw

We certainly saw what happened to the Whites when they had the chance to make a wish. Did they mess with fate? Did they get what they deserved? How would  you have handled the “gift of the paw”? There is a lot to think about post reading. What about the literary techniques the author used in order to grab our attention. What about this story made it good? Take a look at the attached handout to see if you’re able to identify these techniques. Be prepared to discuss.

Once you’re feeling confident in identifying the techniques, attack this handout. Remember you only need to answer 3 in a row.

Grade 7 – Let’s get it started

Welcome back! Today in class we will go over the routines and procedures for a successful year. I will remind you how to work and organize your Google drives, blogs and other necessities. If time allows we may even put the pedal to the metal with your very first writing assignment. This hasn’t been assigned yet, so stay tuned for the actual due date. I have utmost faith in each and every one of you. I know you will read the directions thoroughly, consider your writing and of course proofread. Show me what you’re made of….GO!

Grade 6 – My very first middle school writing assignment

Welcome back Grade 6 and welcome to Middle School. It is time to show what you’re made of. In class today we are going to focus on getting organized so that we can have a successful year together. I will remind you how to work your Google drive, our blogs and the ins and outs of our daily class and routines.  If time allows we will begin working on our first writing assignment. You can find it here. We will go over it thoroughly in class before you start writing and I will give you a due date as well. I know you will all shine. Just take your time. Read the instructions carefully, go through the steps slowly and proofread your work. But remember, don’t start until I tell you to! I am looking forward to reading your assignments and getting to know a little something EXTRA about YOU!

Grade 6: Launch of Literature Circles

Today we launched our Grade 6 Literature Circles. Last week students ranked their top 5 books.  We will be reading the following novels:

  • The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
  • Word Nerd by Susin Nielsen
  • And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
  • The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank
  • The Sky is Falling by Kit Pearson

Students can find their groups by accessing this document: Grade 6 Book Club

Some students are at home this week and do not have their books with them. You are still expected to read (to ensure you don’t fall behind). You can Google a PDF version of your novel to utilize while at home. Additionally, you can use this website: to access a digital copy of the book. You will have to make a free account but you can do so using your OJCS email. Please let me know if you have any problems. 

Grade 6 Literature Circles

Goal: Create a community of learners/enhance our reading skills 

Date Reading Strategy Activity
May 30th Introduce books, groups, expectations, set reading deadlines
Week 1 Visualizing Friday, June 3rd 
Week 2  Making Connections Thursday, June 9th
Week 3 Summarization Friday, June 17th

Book needs to be complete by this date

Wednesday, June 22nd  One-Pager Final Projects Due (Class Showcase)

Reading Strategies

  1. Visualizing
  2. Creating connections
  3. Summarizing

Your book needs to be finished no later than Friday, June 17th. However, as you read you can begin creating your One-Pager Final Project. Each week we will focus on a particular skill. Groups will work on an activity together towards the end of the week (see the schedule above). However, each student will be responsible for individually creating their own One-Pager Final Project. 

Click here to access the One-Pager Final Project. 

Grade 6: Public Speaking 2022

This post contains all of the essential information for public speaking

Welcome to this year’s public speaking contest for grades 6-8.  Expressing ideas aloud in a clear and effective way is an important life skill! Students will have the opportunity to plan, develop, and deliver a speech to showcase these skills. Students will be spending the upcoming weeks working towards preparing a 4-5 minute speech. Additionally, we will be spending time in class practicing various oral communication skills (eye contact, inflection, effective use of gestures, etc.)

Important Due Dates

Choose topic + fill out topic brainstorming sheet (email your teacher with your choice by the end of the day) 4/6
Speech planner/Graphic Organizer 4/13

    • If students complete paragraphs early they can always move ahead and work on the next step in the process.
Body Paragraph 1 5/2
Body Paragraph 2 5/6
Body Paragraph 3 5/10
Conclusion 5/13
Class Presentations 5/18-5/20
Self-assessment and reflection 5/24
Public Speaking Finals Grades 6-8 5/26

Click the links below to access important public speaking documents: 

Public Speaking Google Slideshow Presentation

      • This contains the public speaking writing process, tips, and requirements

2022 Public Speaking Due Dates Checklist

2022 Public Speaking Speech Planner Graphic Organizer

2022 Public Speaking Rubric

2022 Public Speaking Self-Reflection


6B Public Speaking Order:

  1. Emet
  2. Mia
  3. Georgia 
  4. Olivia
  5. Adam T.
  6. Ayala
  7. Joel
  8. Noah
  9. Charlotte
  10. Sarah-Amanda
  11. Maya
  12. Adam P. 
  13. Benny


6A Public Speaking Order:

  1. Eliya (Tuesday 5/17)
  2. Lily
  3. Eitan
  4. Monica
  5. Maya
  6. Emmett
  7. Eliezer
  8. Zoe
  9. Sacha
  10. Jack
  11. Sam
  12. Talia

A reminder that speeches will be conducted during both English and Jewish Studies periods. Everyone must be prepared to present their speech on Wednesday, May 18th, regardless of their place in the order. 


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