Welcome Back

Welcome Back, Middle School English Language Arts Students!

I hope you had a wonderful summer and that you are just as excited as I am to start another school year. We have lots to look forward to this school year, the first one being our Middle School Retreat (which starts on Wednesday!). But until then, enjoy the beautiful weather today and do something you love.

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

Grade 8 Language Arts

Grade 8 English students are currently preparing their public speaking speeches. Topics are hot, fun, controversial, thought-provoking, and so much more. Students are encouraged to add their flair and finesse this year. We are moving away from the more formal approach and introducing ways to captivate and engage our audiences – gestures, body language, props, appropriate dress, and even a little acting are all welcome.

They are also working on finishing reading Steinbeck’s To Kill a Mockingbird and are currently in the thick of the trial. Although uncertain where the story was going to go in Part 1, the students have shown keen interest in the courtroom as they closely follow the actions of Atticus. Once the novel is complete (this week), students will be recreating the courtroom scene and will be able to audition for the various roles. Those who are uncomfortable acting will be able to serve as jury members who will determine whether Tom Robinson is guilty.
Towards the end of May, the class will read Romeo and Juliet. This group has never read Shakespeare. An introduction to Shakespeare’s writing is essential before entering High School.

Grade 8 – Welcome to the Ranch

In Of Mice and Men, George and Lennie have been sent to a ranch by their employment agency. We can assume that the ranch contacted the agency saying they need to hire some new workers. In this assignment, you will create a brochure to recruit migrant workers to come to the ranch. Your brochure must be divided into 6 parts and should be done electronically. Don’t forget to have a printed copy that can be submitted on the due date (November 21st) so that we can do a gallery walk!

Grade 8 – Of Mice & Men

Hi Grade 8,

Friendship is what it’s all about. How far would you go for a friend? What makes someone a good friend? What makes someone a terrible friend? Why are healthy friendships important for our well being? Is there a difference between companionship and friendship? These are all questions that we will begin to answer as we read through this novella. But before we start, we need to put ourselves in that decade. What was life like? By completing this research project and sharing your knowledge in a presentation, we will all become 1930s experts!

Grade 8 – Friday Funyay

Today in class we looked at some of the challenges and issues that face you, as teens, in 2022 vs your parents as teens in the 80s and 90s. We than considered what challenges your future children may encounter. Your lists were dynamic, thorough, reflective and a little scary! Body image and acceptance was an issue that kept reoccurring on all lists. These discussions brought us to Christina Aguilera’s song, Beautiful. We watched the 2002 version of the video and compared it to the 2022 updated video which was released yesterday! Both were powerful and thought provoking for their time. Please complete the assignment either by hand or electronically so that you are ready to further our discussion on Monday. Shabbat Shalom Y’all!

Grade 8 – The Weapon

As promised in class today, this is the example that you all brilliantly wrote together as a class. Feel free to model your other technique just like this.

Symbol is a literary technique that is used in the Weapon. The symbol in the Weapon is the weapon. The weapon is used to symbolize the concept and theme of the story. It is stated that “only a madman would give a loaded revolver to an idiot”. This quote relates to the symbol because it shows that technology can be used as a weapon against mankind. This makes the story better because it drives the meaning by exploiting the message of society isn’t responsible enough to handle the advancements of technology.

Grade 8 – The Response to Literature

Response writing is a writing form that we are starting to review and work on. I want to remind you that response writing is your ability to understand and interrupt the text. It showcases your ability to understand not only the black and white, but the grey areas too. Response writing is done in 1 single draft, and does not focus on your strengths as a writer. Instead, spend your time focusing on understanding what you’re reading, watching or listening to. Here are the guidelines. You will use these guidelines throughout the school year. I have printed a copy for you too!

Grade 8 – Terry Fox Social Media Campaign

Morning 8th Graders,

Here is the mission for the next 3 classes. We all know who Terry was and how heroic he was. But his fanfare at the time of his run was not what it should have been. He didn’t have the help of social media which definitely contributed to his lack of “likes”. Imagine Terry was running today, in 2022. Create his social media campaign. Find the instructions here. Read them carefully. Have fun and use your talent. You are presenting next week.