Grades 6-8: Never Fear Public Speaking Is Here!

Welcome to this year’s public speaking contest for grades 4 – 8.  Expressing ideas aloud in a clear and effective way is an important life skill! Students will have the opportunity to plan, develop, and deliver a speech to showcase these skills. Today the materials were shared with students via an information packet. Students will be spending the upcoming weeks working towards preparing a 4-5 minute speech. To ensure that each step is being followed at home, parents are being asked to sign their student’s checklist as they prepare items for each due date. I will also be signing each student’s checklist as I provide feedback along the way!

Please note: Each link contains a Google Doc that allows “view only” access. Please make a copy of the document to save your work to your Google Drive.

This link contains the checklist that contains each due date for the every part of the assignment.

List your possible topics here. Be sure to include your intended purpose for the speech. Are you looking to inform, persuade, or entertain your audience?  Please remember that your topic needs to be chosen/topic brainstorming sheet completed by the end of the day on Wednesday, March 27th.

This document contains the detailed steps that can be used to prepare for public speaking.

Students will be required to create and submit a speech planning graphic organizer. I have supplied students with an example of what their organizer might look like when it is complete. I have also provided a blank graphic organizer for student for students to edit electronically. This assignment will be due on Friday, March 29th.

Please review this rubric to see how you will be marked for your speech. Remember to think with the end in mind…review the rubric prior to writing your speech!

After you have given your speech during the class presentation sessions, students will complete a reflection.

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