Grade 6: Egghead Postcard Assignment

As we continue our novel study of Egghead by Caroline Pignat, this week we are focusing on writing from a character’s perspective. Students are being tasked with choosing an event from the novel and creating a postcard. Each postcard will contain an illustration (either digital or hand drawn) and a writing sample from a character’s perspective. This assignment asks students to “walk in the shoes of another” as they attempt to create a higher level connection with the thoughts and feelings of the characters.


Click the link below to access the assignment: 

Egghead Postcard Assignment

Grade 7: The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

Tomorrow we will begin reading and analyzing our first short story of the unit. Students will explore The Monsters are Due on Maple Street by Rod Serling. We will be focusing on analyzing the setting, character development, and theme of this text.

Audiobook: Monsters.m4a

Click here to access the corresponding comprehension questions and activities:

The Monsters are Due on Maple Street Assignment

Grade 7: Exploring Theme Identification

When trying to identify the theme of a story or novel think about the following:

  • What life lesson/idea is the author trying to teach the reader?
  • How can this lesson/idea from the “small world of the story” be applied to the “real world”?
    • Think about the big picture
  • The theme is not going to be stated directly
          • You will need to make an inference (read between the lines)

Click the link below and make a copy of the assignment:

Theme Practice

Grade 6: Egghead Comprehension Questions + Journal Reflection

Throughout our novel study of Egghead, students will be asked to respond to comprehension questions and journal prompts. Each student will create a Google Doc that will be used to record their responses.

This week students will work on the following questions:

  • Katie 47-49
  • Devan 50-51
  • Katie 52-55

Respond to ONE of the following reflections: 

Journal reflection—Once everyone believes it – well, it might as well be true.

Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?

Journal reflection—Maybe it is better not to know what you are missing.
Katie and Will have both lost their mothers, but Will knew his mother. Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?

  • Ant-Farm 56-57
  • Devan 58-60
  • Katie 61-63
  • The Samurai Ant 64-65 (first three questions)
  • Devan 66-68
  • Katie 69-70

All of the questions/prompts can be found in this document:


Grade 7: OJCS Set the Scene (Due: Friday 10/9)

Last week we discussed the importance of using descriptive language when creating the setting of a short story. We talked about using language that paints a picture in the mind of the reader. Students were encouraged to incorporate the five senses into their writing.

Task: A film crew has decided to film a movie about OJCS! You have been tasked with describing the environment of OJCS to the director before he arrives on site. 

Step 1: Set the scene of the Ottawa Jewish Community School. Write two paragraphs that incorporate the five senses and descriptive adjectives to describe the environment of OJCS as YOU see it.

Step 2: Edit your paragraph. Check for spelling, grammar, and capitalization mistakes.

Ensure that you followed the directions and included the five senses as well!

Here is the rubric for this descriptive writing assignment:

Descriptive Writing Rubric

Grade 8: The Great Debate

This week students are submitting topics for our class debate. Once we select a topic as a class, teams will be created and collaboration will begin.

Today we will spend time analyzing a portion of a political debate. Students are being asked to observe and report on the effective strategies and tactics that each candidate used.

Teams will divide up the debate responsibilities amongst their peers. One member of each team will be responsible for the following roles:

  • Opening statement
  • Presenting the argument
  • Rebuttal
  • Crossfire questions
  • Closing Statement

As explained the in the document below, students will earn a group grade for the debate as well as an individual mark. Please re-read the rubric as you begin to prepare for the debate. Each student is responsible for conducting research, analyzing and finding credible sources (expert testimonies, statistics, etc.) citing their sources, preparing at least three main points, and developing questions prior to the debate. We will review the essential elements and skills necessary to create a strong debate in class.

Debate strategies and information can found in the Google Slides presentation below:

Grade 8 Debate Unit

Please note that the students will need to work diligently in-class and at home to adequately prepare for their debate!

Grade 8 Debate Assignment/Rubric

Individual Debate Graphic Organizer

Debate Group Graphic Organizer

Due Dates:

October 13th-Individual Graphic Organizer

October 26th-27th- Group Graphic Organizer/Debate Presentations

Grade 7: Short Story Unit

This week we have begun our Short Story Unit. Students will be studying: literary devices, setting, plot diagrams, characterization, mood, theme, conflict, and other key concepts. We will be reading and analyzing short stories along with creating our own. Please click the link below to review our notes/activities Google Slides presentation. (Please note: This presentation is a living document –> It will be updated daily)

Grade 7 Unit 1: Short Stories


Grade 6: Introduction to Egghead

Today students were asked to complete a Bullying Awareness Survey. This anonymous survey provided students with a series of questions relating to their own personal experiences with bullying. We will analyze this data as a class in preparation for our first novel study. Tomorrow our class will discuss the results of this survey and create connections to our North Stars and Seven Habits.

Each student was given a copy of the novel Egghead by Caroline Pignat. Tomorrow we will have the opportunity to begin the novel in class. Throughout this novel study, students will be asked to read both in class and at home. There will be corresponding activities for each chapter throughout the novel.

Grade 6 Unit 1: Egghead Google Slides

Please respond to the following task below via a comment to this post:

Students are asked to comment a prediction about the novel Egghead based solely off of the front cover of the book. Support your prediction by referencing specific details from the cover. (Think about the following question: Why could making predictions be an important reading skill?)

Comment due by: Thursday (9/23)

Parents: Virtual Back to School Night (9/23)

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our “Virtual Back to School Night” at OJCS! If are unable to make it to our live Google Meet discussions, please check out the video presentations below. Each presentation contains expectations, a curriculum overview, behaviour management policies, homework policies, distance learning information, and contact information.

Click the link below to access the Middle School Distance Learning Schedules: Distance Learning Schedules