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OJCS Library Catalog

Need a book? The OJCS Library has you covered! Students and teachers will have access to browse our collection from their classrooms, home, or even on your device as there is an app available for download.

Click the link below to access the online library catalog:

Library Catalog

New for this year: Students and parents can search for books and see the Accelerated Reader book level on our library catalog as well. This will allow parents and students to help find “just right” books. 

Log Information for students is as follows: 

Username= first letter of first name. last name

 Password= books

For example mine would be:

Username: m.washerstein

Password: books

Here is an example of what a full record in the new system looks like…

Teachers will have the ability to create book lists for their students. Additionally, students will be able to read and write book reviews!

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