Grades 6-8: Independent Reading Project

The Independent Reading Project is a chance for you to explore a novel of your choosing! You have been asked to read a minimum of 30 minutes each evening. This project is geared towards fostering a student community that appreciates reading on a regular basis. We will also be focusing on vocabulary acquisition, summarization skills, and presentation skills. 

Although there will be several work periods/check-ins throughout the duration of this project, the majority of this project will need to be completed at home. 

Independent Reading Project Due Dates:

  1. Independent Reading Project Assigned- October 23rd (Wednesday)
  2. Book approval (email/meet with Mr. Washerstein)- October 25th (Friday)
    1. Check-in #1
  3. Book completed- November 8th (Friday)
    1. Check-in #2
  4. Part A: Vocabulary List/Journal Entries- November 12th (Tuesday)
    1. Check-in #3
  5. Part B: Creative Component/Presentation-November 18th (Monday)
    1. Presentations begin on November 18th, 2019 
    2. Please note: students will lose 10% of their mark per day late


Reading Tips

  • Read with a set of sticky notes/Google Doc open to record new vocabulary terms immediately
  • Plan your weekly reading schedule at the beginning of the week
  • For those who benefit from using an audiobook, feel free to use that as a resource! Students should still be following along with the text as well.

What Should You Read?

Ideally, students should be choosing books that fall within their ZPD (zone of proximal development). I will be re-sharing your ZPD range prior to novel selection. You can use the Accelerated Reader Book Finder ( to check the level of a book. Our OJCS Library Catalogue also lists the book levels for many of the books found in our library ( 

Student interest also plays a significant role in book selection. I want each student to choose a book that will pique their interest, offer a challenge, and encourage further reading. 

Please read and review the assignment sheet below with your parents. Discuss the various choices/options that this project offers. Finally, please carefully read the rubrics to ensure comprehension. Happy reading!

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Check out these digital resources! These websites can help you design your creative component for the project.

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