Grades 6-8: Independent Reading Project Check-In

I hope everyone has been enjoying reading their novels thus far! Please bring your books with you to school everyday this week. There will be time given to students throughout the week to D.E.A.R. (drop everything and read). This will provide students with an opportunity to get ahead of their nightly reading. Additionally, I will be meeting with students to check-in, offer suggestions, and provide feedback as students begin completing various parts of the project.

Please remember to complete the vocabulary portion of the project as you read! Journal entries may also be written as you are reading, depending on the response you have selected.

Here is a friendly reminder of the various due dates for the project:

  • Book completed- November 8th (Friday)
    • Check-in #2
  • Part A: Vocabulary List/Journal Entries- November 12th (Tuesday)
    • Check-in #3
  • Part B: Creative Component/Presentation-November 18th (Monday)
    • Presentations begin on November 18th, 2019
    • Please note: students will lose 10% of their mark per day late

One thought on “Grades 6-8: Independent Reading Project Check-In

  1. Hi, Mr wash!
    In class, you said that the journal entries were due Monday, on the sheet, it says it’s due on the 18th, and in this post, it says the journal entries are due on the 12th. Could you specify when its due?

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