Grade 8: Exam Study Packet (English Exam- Wednesday, February 12th, 2020)

The time to prepare for the English exam is now! Students will be receiving their study package today. The majority of the review exercises are online quizzes. We will also be reviewing various concepts in class leading up to the exam.

Please click the link below to view the study package:

Grade 8 English Exam Study Package 2020


Studying Suggestions: 

  • Start studying today! Focus on a different skill/concept each night and build gradually. (Don’t wait until the week of the exam to start studying)
  • Create a study schedule (build time into each day)
  • Review your notes from class
  • Test your knowledge with cue cards, online tools, online quizzes and study groups
  • Read materials out loud to yourself, or record yourself reading and then listen to the recording
  • Create a tutorial on exam content
  • Create a sketch note, slide show or one-page “cheat sheet” 
  • Ask questions right away if you need help!

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