Grade 7: The Outsiders Guided Reading Activities

As we often discuss at OJCS, one of our North Stars is “Begin with the end in mind”. Last week we began our novel study of The Outsiders. As we discussed, students will be responsible for completing comprehension questions along with a variety of other activities.

Today students will finish reading Ch. 2 independently. We will continue to discuss the chapters in class, but students will also have the opportunity to work on the corresponding tasks. Whenever the students are assigned comprehension questions to answer, there will a corresponding due date on the Grade 7 Homework Board.

The following documents will be important for our novel study:

    1. The Outsiders Reading Comprehension Questions

Each student should make a copy of this document and share it with Mr. Washerstein. This will be the document in which students answer all of their comprehension questions. As I mentioned before, the corresponding questions for each chapter will have a due date on the homework board.


2. Reading Response Activities: Illustrated Timeline and Character Webs

This document contains two essential activities for our novel study. Each of the described activities can be found in the Google Doc listed above. Please make a copy of this document and share it with Mr. Washerstein.

               A. Illustrated Timeline

            • Directions: Illustrate in chronological order four important events that take place in chapters 1-4. Please illustrate an important event from each of the first four chapters. 

              B.  Character Webs

            • Directions: Using the webs provided below, insert an adjective that can be used to describe the various characters. Support each adjective with a direct quote from the novel.
            • This needs to be completed by the end of the book. You should go back through the first two chapters and start to fill this diagram out. However, you need to continue to add to this document as you read



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