Grade 6: Memoir Writing Task

We have spent the last two weeks analyzing various memoirs. Students are tasked with writing a memoir about an important event, personal interaction, image, place, or object in their life. A memoir is an account of a personal, emotional experience that attempts to allow the reader to feel what the writer felt in that moment. This memory must have affected you, your life, or your personality. Overall, this memory must have meaning in your life.

Focus Skills

  • The writing process: evidence of planning, drafting, revising, and editing
  • Sensory language/imagery: paint a picture in the reader’s mind, the use of descriptive adjectives
    • Make sure the reader can: 
      • Sympathize with you
      • Can understand how you feel and experience the emotions you felt at the time you’re describing.
  • The impact: the deeper meaning, message, or importance that this topic had for you
    • Incorporation of a theme

Click here to access the assignment instructions/rubric: Memoir Writing Assignment



  • Assigned: Monday (4/5) 
  • Check-In #1 Topic Selection: Wednesday (4/7) 
  • Check-In #2 Rough Draft: Wednesday (4/14)
  • Peer Review: Thursday (4/15)
  • Final Copy posted on the blog: Wednesday (4/21)


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