Grade 6: River of Life Assignment (Due: Monday 9/20)

In class yesterday the students participated in a Kahoot activity to learn a little bit more about my personal story. The first assignment for the Grade 6 class is for each student to create their own River of Life.

The River of Life is a visual narrative that helps people tell the stories of the past, present, and future. Students may use pictures, words, and phrases to indicate key moments/changes throughout the course of their life.

River of Life Assignment Sheet

River of Life must include:

  • Visuals depicting various moments in your life (can be digital or hand-drawn)
  • A written description of 5-8 sentences for each stage explaining a key event from each of the following: The past, present, and future (can be typed)

This assignment will be due on Monday, September 20th. Each student will present their “River of Life” to the class. 

Check out my example below!

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