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Grade 8: Intro to Exam Review

Today we will begin preparing for the English Exam. As I mentioned in class, our hope is that we will take this exam together in person on February 8th, 2021. However, this may change due to a possible extension of distance learning. Only time will tell! The first step in preparing for your exam is reviewing the slideshow presentation below.

This Google Slides presentation has notes and examples on various components to the exam:

Grade 8 Exam Review Slideshow

Grades 6-8: Give Credit Where It’s Due Assignment (Tuesday 1/19)

Over the last week and a half, the students have been reviewing and studying the format/setup of an MLA Works Cited page and parenthetical citations (in-text citations). This assignment is designed to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and understand of MLA 8 citations.

Click the link below to access the assignment instructions and resources:

Give Credit Where It’s Due Assignment

Credit Assignment Graphic Organizer

This assignment will be due on Tuesday (1/19).

Grades 6-8: Works Cited Notes/Practice

Today we will continue to review and practice how to properly format an MLA works cited page. As we have previously discussed, source citations and works cited pages are essential in order to avoid plagiarism.

Students will review the notes in the Google Doc below to ensure that their bibliography contains all of the necessary information:

Works Cited Notes/Practice

Please pay close attention to the required format for the works cited page!


    • Choose MLA 8
    • The works cited page is always found at the end of the paper
    • Should start on a separate page
    • Sources must be listed in alphabetical order
    • Must use hanging indentation style
          • Format → Align & Indent → Indentation options → Hanging

Grades 6-8: COVIDcation Writing Activity (Due: Friday 1/8)

Welcome back OJCS Middle School Students! I hope you had an enjoyable winter break. We will begin the new year with a writing activity about the break.

Click the link below to access our assignment:

Covidcation Writing Activity

Helpful writing tools:

Free Verse Poem Graphic Organizer

Timeline Graphic Organizer

Paragraph Writing Graphic Organizer

Welcome Back! | Hillel UofT

Grades 6-8: Digital Citizenship/Media Literacy Nearpod Lessons

This week we will begin exploring a series of interactive Nearpod lessons that revolve around digital citizenship and media literacy. These interactive experiences were created by our incredible librarian Brigitte! Today we will be focusing on in-text citations and bibliographies. Students can revisit this information at any time independently as well!

The links to these experiences can be found in the Google Slideshow below:

Digital Citizenship and Media Literacy Slideshow

Grades 6-8: The OJCS Reading Challenge Returns!

Reading Challenges for 2014

Each middle school class will compete in the 2020-2021 OJCS Reading Challenge. The reading challenge runs from December 8th, 2020 to May 3rd, 2021. Students will choose books that are interesting, grade-level appropriate, and fall within their ZPD. If students need help choosing a “just right” book…just ask Mr. Wash. Audiobooks, graphic novels, and books in other languages will also count for this challenge (please ensure the review is written in English). 

Each class will set a reading goal…which they are encouraged to exceed!

    • If the class reaches their goal → they will earn a movie party with popcorn and snacks 
    • The middle school class that reads the most amount of books will also earn a sports day

How will we know who wins?

After students have completed a novel, they will need to write a review in their reading challenge document. Please follow the format that is provided in the Google Doc below. A book will only count towards our class total after the review has been written!

Must read and create at least three book reviews by Monday, March 2nd, 2021

Click the link below to make a personalized copy of the book review reading challenge log:

Book Review Reading Challenge Log

    1. After you make a copy, please rename the document.

Ex: Michael’s Reading Log

2. Save the document to the Google Drive Folder that was shared with you yesterday

Grades 6-8: Holiday Letters for Canadian Armed Forces

As we prepare for a day of distance learning tomorrow, students will engage in a meaningful letter writing exercise. Students are being tasked with creating holiday letters for soldiers that are deployed overseas. Our goal is to show our appreciation and spread holiday joy. This activity will be explained in person today, but students will work on this at home during class time tomorrow.

This activity embodies our Jewish values (gemilut hasadim) and our North Stars (each person is responsible for the other).

Each letter will include the following information:

  • A brief introduction about yourself (name, age, school)
  • Some hobbies, activities, and interests that you enjoy (sports, clubs, instruments, volunteering, etc.)
  • Expressions of gratitude
    • Thank them for their service
    • Wish them a happy holiday
    • Offer words of appreciation

Your letter should be at least two paragraphs 

Each letter should also include visuals (these could be hand-drawn or computer-generated)

CAF Letter Template

Grade 8: Thesis Statement Practice Part 2

Over the course of the past few weeks, our class has been developing thesis statements. Students are examining the essential components of a thesis statement. Today, students will receive another packet with a variety of practice activities. The purpose of these activities is to foster the creation, analysis, and refinement of various thesis statements. As we look forward to our research writing unit, students will spend a lot of time developing thesis statements.

A Good Example of a Thesis Statement | Start School Now

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