Grade 7 & Grade 8: Creative Writing Piece Final Copy (Due: Friday 10/18)

This past week students have spent time in class working on their creative writing assignments. The final copy of their writing assignment will be due in class next Friday (October 18th).

Students are expected to employ the editing strategies discussed in class:

1. Read the paper once searching for a particular type of error… then re-read the paper looking for another type of error

Ex: The first time you read the paper focus only on looking for spelling errors. The next time you read the paper search for run-on sentences

2. Ask others for feedback (parent, peers, teachers, siblings, etc.)

3. Print out the paper and use a hard copy when editing.

4. Don’t rely solely on the computer to edit your paper for you. The computer will miss mistakes.

5. Read the paper aloud. When you actually hear your paper out loud it can help you catch grammatical and organizational errors.

6. Re-read the rubric to ensure that your paper has met all of the required elements.

Use this editing checklist as a tool:


Below you will find the rubric that will be used to grade your creative writing piece:

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