Grade 8: Individual Conferences Tomorrow

As mentioned in yesterday, tomorrow we will meet in a one-on-one context for English class. This will provide everyone with an opportunity to ask specific questions about their research project. I will call each student individually via Google Hangout Video Chat. You don’t need to worry about opening Google Meet, simply have your Google Hangouts Chat open and wait for my call!


  1. Jayson- 10:45-10:55
  2. Max- 10:57-11:07
  3. Zoe- 11:09-11:19
  4. Jessie- 11:21-11:31
  5. Lior- 11:33-11:43
  6. Talia- 11:45-11:55
  7. Kiera- 11:57-12:07
  8. Ari- 12:09-12:19
  9. Aidan- 12:21-12:31

For Kiera, Ari, and Aidan, I realize this cuts into your lunch time. If you would like we could reschedule your meetings for a period later on during the day.

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