Reading Challenge: Writing Reviews due Friday (Due March 1, 2019)

Book Review Assignment: As a part of the reading challenge, students will be required to READ and WRITE a minimum of three novel reviews using the library catalog.

Note: Reviews can only be written about books that we have in the library.

Students will earn 10 points for each review. Due March 1st, 2019

The link/login instructions for the library catalog can be found below. Students will email the names of the three titles to after all of the reviews are complete.

Today the Grade 6 class participated in a Kindness Workshop. Students read, discussed, and participated in a variety of activities regarding kindness and community building. This session focused on making the right choices. Students brainstormed various ways they could create an even kinder community in our school. Mrs. Bertrend and Shannon planned a meaningful afternoon! Take a look at some of the team building activities.


Grade 6: Egghead Reflection Editing

This week in class we are working on editing our Egghead Reflections. Students have been asked to read their short stories aloud in a private setting. We are focusing on improving: punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and sentence structure. Students are encouraged to use their editing checklist for all writing pieces.

Later on this week, students will be exchanging their short story drafts with their peers. We have discussed the importance of peer editing/providing constructive feedback.

Grade 6 Egghead Reflection Due: Wednesday 11/21

Today students received their Egghead Reflection assignment. The purpose of this assignment is for students to reflect and think about the lessons that can be learned from the novel Egghead. Students will need to use the Egghead novel to identify specific quotes that connect to the lesson they chose to discuss.

Students have each been assigned an Egghead novel that they can take home to help them with this assignment. Students are being asked to write five paragraphs. Each paragraph is broken down on the assignment sheet. I have also attached a graphic organizer as a tool to get students started!

Students will be working on this assignment both in class and at home.

Grade 6 English Homework Update!

As crazy as it may seem, the first trimester is almost over. We have spent the last two weeks in class reading our novel Egghead. As a class we have been discussing the importance of standing up to bullying, and being an advocate for others. The Grade 6 class will be responsible for planning and executing the bullying prevention week.

Important due dates to remember:

This Week’s Homework-2 Read Theory Stories: Due Friday 11/2

Independent Reading Project Part C: (Creative Piece): Due Wednesday 11/7

Vocabulary Unit 2 Practice Packet: Due Thursday 11/8

Vocabulary Unit 2 Test: Due Monday 11/12


Grade 6: Unit 1 Egghead Novel Study

This past week in Grade 6 we have begun our first novel study. We are reading the novel Egghead. This novel explores the themes of: bullying, friendship, loyalty, courage, peer pressure, power, and choice. We had a discussion in class this week revolving around the lessons we can learn from an author’s specific word choice.

Below you will find the link for our Egghead Notes/Activity Slides. Students can reference these slides to make up any notes/activities they might have missed.

Have a great weekend!

Grade 6: Vocab 1 Quiz on Monday 10/15

Shabbat Shalom Grade 6!

This is a reminder to study this weekend in order to prepare for the quiz on Monday. Below you will find the link for the Kahoot that we did in class today.

Please bring your independent reading book to class on Monday to read quietly after you are done the quiz! We will be having an independent book project check in next week to discuss the progress of each student.

Have a great weekend!

Grade 6: Vocabulary 1 Word List/Homework Assignment Due Wednesday

As we discussed in class on Friday we will be starting to incorporate new vocabulary into our classroom! Students have been assigned a list of 15 words to learn over the course of the week. Students are expected to complete their vocabulary homework practice assignments. These exercises are designed to allow students to practice using/recognizing these new words in a variety of activities.

We will have our first Vocabulary Quiz on Monday 10/15. These quizzes will compromise of definitions, matching, fill in the blank, and multiple choice questions. Students should be reviewing their vocabulary terms throughout the week to enhance comprehension. We will review for the first vocabulary quiz in class on Friday.